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- L'adénite sébacée -

NATURO, an alternative treatment to Rampak

- Le traitement Rampak
- Vos malades & témoignages
- La maladie et ses symptomes
- L'adénite sébacée
- Le traitement naturopathique

Etape 1 : Aromatherapy (to prepare yourself or to prepare by pharmacy)

Application on a large area once a week the following composition :

– enough to 100ml, composed of 95ml of Hypericum perforatum - olea europea and

5ml of essentiel oil of Melaleuca alternifolia

Put oil in the palm of your hand application focusing on the most damaged parts. No rinsing after

application, the dog is not soaked in oil. It's a massage.

Etape 2 : Strenghtening immunity

Alternatively :

– Once a week with a teaspoon of black cumin oil incorporated into food

- Once a week with a teaspoon of royal jelly (mi- honey /mi-royal jelly it's ok too)

Etape 3 : Dietary supplement,vitamin B supplement and/or omega



– brewer's yeast (flakes) mixed directly with food at each meal (1 tablespoon)

1 tablespoon/day


– wheat germ (powder) mixed directly with food at each meal (1 tablespoon)

1 tablespoon/day


– brewer's yeast tablet (4 tablets daily with food included)


– put the oil in the food (colza and cod liver), but at that time we pass one day of brewer's

yeast and one day the oil.

Etape 4 : Drainage

One week per month :

6 grams of wild pansy (Viola tricolor) incorporated into the food (or twice 3g in the

morning and 3g at night mixed with a little rice, mixed with dry food). If it's too dry add 1

tbsp olive oil in rice, colza or cod liver.
Le témoignage de Françoise, maîtresse de Dakota.
au sujet du protocole naturopathe

Health problems (kidney, liver, diabetes, etc ...), contact me first :

Here is a 4 step process to manage the symptoms of the disease but also to strengthen the body as a whole.

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Protocole naturopathique pour l'AS
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